Military Spouse Resume Toolkit

Making Volunteerism Work for You

Military spouses frequently face challenges in maintaining a career. Constant moves, deployments, and the military lifestyle have resulted in high unemployment among military spouses and a significant wage gap.  This can affect the readiness, retention, and well being of the military community.

We know that military spouses volunteer at a very high rate. Volunteering isn't just a great way to support the community, it's also a great way to learn and hone important job skills. What if you could take your volunteer experience and the skills you gained and turn them into career skills on a resume?  Well, now you can.    

Blue Star Families has created a Military Spouse Resume Toolkit to help you get started, sponsored by the Military Spouse Business Alliance.



Blue Star Families is proud to announce it’s newest partnership with the MilSpouse eMentor Program! The MilSpouse eMentor Program is the nation’s first virtual career-building network and mentoring program for military spouses.  

Through the program’s cutting-edge website, spouses can connect with corporate employees and executives from all over the country, who will help them with job searches and career planning. The program’s goal is to help spouses find the best possible jobs while increasing their job stability and upward mobility, two of the most challenging employment issues for highly mobile military spouses.  Experienced military spouse mentors are also available to assist spouse protégés with other challenges specific to military families such as deployments and transfers.  Blue Star Families has a goal of registering 1000 spouses in the program as mentors and protégés, so sign up as a mentor or protégé NOW at