Annual Reports

In 2012, our third year of operation, we cultivated continued growth that resulted in enough strength and stability for us to begin to look to the process of further developing our work on behalf of military families, and to planning seriously for the future.  

Blue Star Families has an extraordinary and dedicated staff, almost all of whom are military family members.  They cope with deployments, moves, births and adoptions, injuries, transitions out of the military-indeed the full spectrum of experiences faced by military family members-all while managing their incredible enthusiasm and dedication to our effort.  In 2012 BSF grew to 36 talented and passionate national staff members and contract employees, who for example, design and analyze our annual military survey, manage our blog and social media efforts, and oversee public relations, membership and programs.

The heart of Blue Star Families is fostering leadership in the military family community through volunteer and leadership opportunities and in 2012 we grew to 45,000 members and 32 chapters across the U.S. 

2011 was marked by extraordinary growth for Blue Star Families, underscoring for us the strong demand among both military families and the larger civilian society for what we offer. Blue Star Families has created a platform through which military family members and their supporters can work directly to address the challenges that face our community during this period of long war, and into the transition home. Over a half a million military family members and millions of civilians participated in our programing this year. 

Download the 2012 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

Download the 2011 Annual Report


2010 marked the first full year of  Blue Star Families’ non-profit operation.  It followed a year of incredible dedication by a  handful of people who worked  with extraordinary energy and dedication, without pay, to create this platform - Blue Star Families - where military family members and their supporters could work directly to address the challenges that face our community during this period of long war.

Download the BSF 2010 Annual Report