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February 28, 2011

Lifetime Supports Blue Star Families

Posted 21:51PM on February 28 2011 by Stephanie Himel-Nelson | User Comments (34) Categories: Stephanie Himel-Nelson, Vivian Greentree | Tags: Army wives, Fundraiser, Lifetime television, Support military families

Lifetime Television is supporting military families!  In the run up to the season premiere of Army Wives on Sunday, March 6th, Lifetime will donate $1 to Blue Star Families for every time this link is posted to Facebook or Twitter!

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February 24, 2011

Blue Star Families Partners with the Creative Coalition to Support America's Military Families

Today, Oscar®, Emmy®, and Grammy® Award-winning performer Cher is among the many artists who have joined The Creative Coalition and Blue Star Families to create a PSA campaign to help raise awareness and combat suicides among our military service members and their families.

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February 23, 2011

Heroes at Home Hampton Roads Seeking Exceptional Military Spouses

Posted 11:15AM on February 23 2011 by Stephanie Himel-Nelson | User Comments (10) Categories: Spouse Issues, Stephanie Himel-Nelson, Surveys, Videos, Vivian Greentree | Tags: Fox, Heroes at home, The flagship, Vivian greentree

It's always wonderful when hard working military spouses receive some recognition for their service.  The Heroes at Home military spouse awards do just that for military spouses in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

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February 21, 2011

More Free Bedtime Stories for Military Children

Posted 13:02PM on February 21 2011 by Alison Sansone | User Comments (29) Categories: Books on Bases, Military Children | Tags: Alison sansone, Be there bedtime stories, Books, Military kids, Reading

It's been great to hear from the families that are connecting with this new technology and we've got 25 more free stories to give away! Perhaps the greatest surprise is to discover how much kids enjoy reading a 'be there bedtime story' too! We realize how challenging it may be for service members to access a webcam on a frequent basis, so we thought we would put some webcams into the hands of the kids at home where they can read to their parents who might be overseas.

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February 11, 2011

Military Family Feedback Shapes Policy

Last year I helped to design, implement and analyze a survey for military families. The intent was to gain insight into a broad spectrum of military family lifestyle issues. With the help of a variety of military family support organizations, we were able to garner more than 3,600 respondents, representing every branch and rank, who gave their input based on their “in the trenches” experiences while answering questions about their relationships, stress, operations tempo requirements, employment, children’s education and reactions to deployments, civic engagement and use of social media.

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February 10, 2011

A Veteran's Infertility Story

Posted 08:00AM on February 10 2011 by Stephanie Himel-Nelson | User Comments (44) Categories: Spouse Issues, veterans | Tags: Fertile dreams, Infertility, Ivf, Military families, Semper fi fund, The embracing hope grant, Walter reed

A few months ago I accidentally posted an article about infertility on the Blue Star Families Facebook page. To my surprise, there were many comments from military spouses also suffering from infertility. Treating infertility among military couples is complicated by training and deployment schedules and frequent moves necessitating provider changes.

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February 09, 2011

The Story of My Job Search as a MilSpouse: Low Expectations, High Hopes

Posted 07:00AM on February 09 2011 by Chun-Shin Taylor, MA, LCPC | User Comments (74) Categories: MSCCN, Spouse Issues | Tags: Chun-shin taylor, Job interview, Job search, Military spouse, Military spouse corporate career network, Msccn

Can you tell me why you applied for this job when you have a master’s degree? This is the first question I heard in September 2005 in my first job interview in the United States.

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February 08, 2011

Making Friends at Your New Duty Station: VLog from Army Wife 101

Posted 07:00AM on February 08 2011 by Krystel Hudson-Spell | User Comments (22) Categories: Spouse Issues, Videos | Tags: Army wife 101, Making friends, Moving, Online communities, Pcs

Army Wife 101 shares some great tips for making friends at your new duty station, both online and off. Don't forget to visit the Blue Star Families Facebook page at

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February 07, 2011

The Blue Star Cookbook: Call for Recipes

Posted 21:26PM on February 07 2011 by Stephanie Himel-Nelson | User Comments (23) Categories: Spouse Issues, Stephanie Himel-Nelson | Tags: Blue star cookbook, Food, Military families, Recipes

Blue Star Families would like to make military culinary history and we need your help! We’re working on a Blue Star Family Cookbook and its mission is to celebrate your lives and help you make your transitions away from home a little easier. We’ll be addressing the food, cooking and entertaining needs that are unique to you and try and support you while you’re making sacrifices and adjusting as you move through your military life.

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February 03, 2011

Ways to Cut Home Energy Costs for Your Military Family

Posted 00:02AM on February 03 2011 by Courtesy of USAA | User Comments (24) Categories: Spouse Issues, USAA | Tags: Energy savings, Money, Savings, Usaa

If your military family is anything like mine, you're always struggling to keep your energy costs down so you can put a little extra money in the bank at the end of the month.  USAA is here with some tips to help your military family do just that.

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