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November 30, 2010

Federal Spouse Employment Part III: The Federal Resume

Posted 21:50PM on November 30 2010 by Sophia Marshall, MSCCN | User Comments (95) Categories: MSCCN, Spouse Issues | Tags: Federal employment, Military spouse corporate career network, Military spouse employment, Msccn, Resume, Sophia marshall

Are you ready to launch your career within the federal government? It might be useful to look at your endeavor as a career management initiative aimed at helping you to get your work history organized. This initiative will involve compiling your work history into one area, so that you may refer to it again if necessary.

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November 24, 2010

Just when I thought I’d seen the ugliest of Americans...

Posted 08:00AM on November 24 2010 by Rebekah Sanderlin | User Comments (16) Categories: news, veterans, Rebekah Sanderlin | Tags: Penelope trunk, Rebekah sanderlin, Veterans day

... here comes Penelope Trunk.

Trunk, who is actually physically attractive, has an ugly, little, hard heart. Or maybe she’s just stupid. But she writes well, so she couldn’t be that stupid ... So maybe she’s just ridiculously narrow-minded and pathetically ill-informed. I can’t decide which it is but, whatever the reason, this post on her blog pretty much affirms for me that a lot of people in our country aren’t worth our sacrifice.

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November 23, 2010

BSF on Good Morning America for Veterans Day

Posted 08:00AM on November 23 2010 by Stephanie Himel-Nelson | User Comments (17) Categories: Stephanie Himel-Nelson, veterans | Tags: Chloe karmarck fox, Good morning america, Mission: serve, Veterans day

Blue Star Families member and Army spouse, Chloe Karmarck Fox, had the chance to represent Mission: Serve and Blue Star Families on Good Morning America on Veterans Day. She talked about Mission: Serve's events planned across the country on Veterans Day.

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November 22, 2010

Honoring Service with Service: Veterans Day 2010

Posted 08:00AM on November 22 2010 by Vivian Greentree | User Comments (68) Categories: veterans, Vivian Greentree | Tags: Mission serve, Old dominion university, Senator mark warner, Service nation, Veterans day, Vivian greentree

In recent years, a number of us have gotten together to observe Veterans Day in a new but very appropriate way: We’ve honored service with service. Joining with communities and organizations around the country, my colleagues from Blue Star Families have tackled projects ranging from the environment and children to homelessness and hunger, and of course, the quality of life for our nation’s veterans and military families.

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November 19, 2010

Calling all Milies!

Posted 12:32PM on November 19 2010 by Jacqueline Goodrich | User Comments (8) Categories: Ask the Milies, Spouse Issues | Tags: Advice, Ask the milies

There are certain topics that rule books and regulations don’t quite do justice. When it comes to things like PCS’ing its often best to hear as many first-hand tips as possible. We asked our readers to submit to us their best advice. So here's some great PCS tips from other Milies...

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November 18, 2010

Dear Soldier: Hand Sewn Letters Create Works of Art

Posted 20:31PM on November 18 2010 by Lauren DiCioccio | User Comments (1731) Categories: Guest Contributor | Tags: Art, Dear soldier, Hand sewn letters, Letters

Hi! My name is Lauren DiCioccio; I’m an emerging artist based out of San Francisico, CA. This fall I have been in Charlotte, North Carolina for an Artists Residency at the McColl Center for Visual Art. During my time in Charlotte I’ve developed a project called Dear Soldier, which I’m excited to partner with the Blue Star Families to complete.

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November 16, 2010

Just Doing What We Do: Military Family Month

Posted 14:10PM on November 16 2010 by Vivian Greentree | User Comments (17) Categories: Spouse Issues, Vivian Greentree | Tags: Military families, Military family month, Pbs, This emotional life, Vivian greentree

Stating, “Behind our brave service men and women, there are family members and loved ones who share in their sacrifice and provide unending support.,” last week the President proclaimed November to be Military Family Month.

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November 09, 2010

Remembering the Invisible Heroes on Veterans Day

Posted 17:20PM on November 09 2010 by Saralyn Mark, MD | User Comments (17) Categories: Guest Contributor, veterans, Wounded Warriors | Tags: Military families, Veterans day

On Veterans Day, we fly our flags and we attend rallies, concerts and parades to honor our military veterans. All are wonderful expressions of support and appreciation. But for some of our citizens, the war's impact goes far beyond what can be provided by these gestures.

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November 09, 2010

Hundreds Will Join Service Nation, BSF & Military Families for Veterans Day Service Event

Posted 12:41PM on November 09 2010 by Stephanie Himel-Nelson | User Comments (17) Tags: Bianca martinez, Mission serve, Old dominion university, Senator mark warner, Service nation, Veterans day

This Thursday, Veterans Day, hundreds of civilian and military volunteers will join together to thank our veterans and their families for their service, through a service project of their own. Volunteers will be packing care packages for military families across the country, including those in Hampton Roads.

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November 07, 2010

BSF Joins Forces with Operation Paperback

Posted 23:21PM on November 07 2010 by Stephanie Himel-Nelson | User Comments (19) Categories: Operation: Appreciation, Stephanie Himel-Nelson | Tags: Books, Military families, Operation paperback, Reading

Operation Paperback is offering a great new benefit for Blue Star Families members!

You can receive a free shipment of books as a thank you from Operation Paperback for all the sacrifices your family makes.

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