June 25, 2010

Because It's His Job

Posted 22:13PM on June 25 2010 by AnnaMaria Manino White | User Comments (31) Categories: Deployment, AnnaMaria White | Tags: Afghanistan, Deployment, Military family

For months now, I’ve been bopping quite merrily through life. My White Knight has (miraculously) been home for over a year. We (theoretically) won’t have to PCS for at least another year. My job is (fairly) secure. Since we live off base, it’s (almost) a normal, civilian life.

I should have known better.

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June 14, 2010

Mrs. Obama Aboard MCB Camp Pendleton

Posted 23:04PM on June 14 2010 by AnnaMaria Manino White | User Comments (16) Categories: AnnaMaria White, VIP | Tags: Camp pendleton, Military families, Mrs. obama

I don’t usually consider myself an overly-emotional person. But since becoming a military spouse, there seem to be an incredible number of things that make me misty. It probably started when I saw my future husband in uniform on our wedding day. After that, I developed a tear-jerk reaction to those awful white buses that he gets on and off every time he deploys or comes home. Even the national anthem does it to me sometimes. Today, I found another one: the First Lady saying thank you to me and 3,500 Marines, Sailors and their families at Camp Pendleton.

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