More Free Bedtime Stories for Military Children

January 10, 2011

More Free Bedtime Stories for Military Children

Please welcome guest blogger, Alison Sansone, the owner and creator of Be There Bedtime Stories, with a free offer for the first 25 people to email In 2010, Be There Bedtime Stories generously offered free bed time stories for 10 military families.  Now Alison is back to offer more!

Hello again, all BSF Members!

We thought you would like to hear a testimonial from another military family who recently used Be There Bed Time Stories!

My kids could not BELIEVE Daddy was reading with them. I liked being able to go to my computer and get the story via an e-mail. My husband said it was easy to do, but he had to wait until he got into port to go to an internet cafe. The site said that we can watch it unlimited times, which will also be a blessing. When the kids get lonely, this video/storybook will come in handy. As a Mommy, it is also helpful to have something which keeps my kids entertained for a small amount of time. After we watched it together, now the kids watch it and I am able to get little things don around my house. THANK YOU :)  
Becky Long

As you well know, when one parent is deployed overseas, other family members step in to provide many forms of ongoing support to the parent that is at home. Well we’ve got a really simple way for that extended family to help out.  Bedtime stories can happen every night, and bringing other storytellers into this household tradition is not only entertaining for the child but can provide key developmental building blocks in those early years.

I created my website for that very reason – to be a part of my niece’s life, as she lived far away. A webcam is all it takes. Our website uses Adobe Flash Player to record video of a storyteller, then we position it right on the page of a children’s e-book. Many studies have proven that simply reading aloud to a child daily has a powerful impact on their literacy for life! So give that solo mom or dad a break once a week and give your grandchild or niece or nephew the gift of literacy.

You can learn more about those developmental tips on our new blog – the Fabler’s Forum at  These stories are intended for BSF Members, so if you are interested in receiving an online story for your children this is a great time to sign up via the website to hear more about upcoming partnerships, programs, events and volunteer opportunities with BSF.  After you have signed up for membership then, contact Loree Tillman, Director of Programs for your FREE story today by sending an email to for your coupon code.

Sweet Dreams,

Alison Sansone, Creator (and Storyteller, too!)


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