Actor Charlie Sheen Pledges Moolah. Will you watch?

July 17, 2012

Actor Charlie Sheen Pledges Moolah. Will you watch?

Charlie Sheen has pledged to donate at least $1 million to the USO, in what is believed to be the largest single donation ever given to the troop morale-boosting organization.

Sheen says he'll donate 1 percent of profits from his new sitcom "Anger Management" to the group, known for sending entertainers to lighten the hearts of troops. He'll give a minimum of $1 million with no cap on the final amount.

I'm no fan of Charlie Sheen but given the massive dollar amount, do we support the show in order to support the USO?  This is a tough one. Weigh in folks and let us know if you will watch the show! 


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Posted by Julie at 11:36AM on July 17 2012

Personally, I think this is a publicity tactic as supporting the troops (with the “Got Your 6” campaign and such) is vogue in Hollywood right now. If “Save the spotted owl” had the same level of support he’d be donating to that instead in an attempt to salvage his image. But that’s the pessimist in me, and any $$$ to the USO is a good thing and he does have the fan base (perplexingly). I won’t warp my reality to watch another minute of him on anything though.