WAY COOL Creativity Contest launches today!

June 18, 2012

WAY COOL Creativity Contest launches today!

Have you gone to a Blue Star Museum this summer? We hope you did or are planning to. But even if you didn’t yet, did you know that more than 1,800 museums across the country are offering military families like yours free admission as a thank you for serving your country? Pretty cool, huh? Well we’d like to say thank you to those museums. How? Our friends in the arts community are sharing their art collections with us and we’d like to recognize their efforts by sharing the creative works of military kids like you - so we’re having a contest!

If you’re a military kid between the ages of 6-17 we’re inviting you to enter the contest for cool prizes and glory! OK, maybe not glory, but you will get a shout out and some recognition on a national website and an awesome prize. Not bad, right? All you have to do is share your artistic expression in whatever medium best expresses your creativity. Crayon? YesWatercolor? Yes! Textiles? YesSculpture? Yes! Day old oatmeal? Gross, but yes! Video? Yes! If you can create it – you can enter it.

There are two categories to choose from: (1) artwork or video short (no more than one minute max!) inspired by your visit to a Blue Star Museum or (2) artwork or video short (ditto on the length) that expresses thanks to the art community who made the program possible.

CLICK HERE for the rules and regs and the rest of the scoop!  The contest is open to kids ages: 6-17

Good luck! Questions: Email questions to museums@bluestarfam.org. Tip: If you add CONTEST QUESTION in the subject, we can process your message faster.


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