"I Miss My Dad Every Second of the Day"

May 18, 2011

"I Miss My Dad Every Second of the Day"

It is hard being a military child.  I miss my dad every second of the day.  Sometimes I miss him so much that I just want to run overseas and hug him.  He is deployed in Kuwait.  To be a military child means that you have to be courageous, brave, and strong.  And you learn to respect authority.  If you have someone deployed in your family you should miss them as much as me.  The hard part is him being away from us for long periods of time.  The easy part is picking him up from the airport.  When my dad first hugs me I feel super happy.  As a military child you should have the ability to know they will be back soon.  It is not easy being a military child but I always think about the fun we will have when he gets back home.

By Alexandra L.
2nd Grader



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