May 19, 2011


My name is Morgan. And I’ve been a military kid my whole life. My dad is in the Marine Corps, and right now he’s working on remote-control spy planes in Afghanistan.  He has been deployed 3 times, but the last 2 times were in Iraq.  I miss him when he is gone but, it’s okay because he is fighting for America’s freedom.   I’m proud to be a military kid even though it’s hard when we have to move or say good-bye to dad when he deploys. Military kids are different from other kids because we have had the experience of what it’s like to have a parent gone for months or having to say goodbye to all of our friends.  I think being a military kid has taught me that you can deal with your parent being gone and that you’ll be fine without them.  It has also taught me to appreciate my Dad because he spends his life protecting America.  My Dad gets back in a few weeks and I will be very glad to have him back. I know America needs him, but we also need him here at home.


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