What We Did, Didn’t Do In Monterey

June 27, 2012

What We Did, Didn’t Do In Monterey

By Kristina Doss

As I pack suitcases in preparation for my military family's overseas move, I can't help but reminisce about all the fun times we had while living in Monterey, Calif.

My family, for example, cruised Monterey Bay on a sailboat. We hiked on trails that took us through wildflower fields and redwood forests in nearby Carmel and Big Sur. And we stared in amazement as monarch butterflies flew above us in Pacific Grove, which is just one town over from Monterey.

Despite all we experienced during the year and a half we lived in Monterey, where my husband attended the Naval Postgraduate School, I also wish we had time to do more.

I would have loved to sit down with a staff member of the Naval Postgraduate School and hear stories about the people and events that make up its past. Prior to becoming a renowned graduate university, for example, the property was the resort of choice for celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin and Jean Harlow.

Monterey is home to other historical properties and buildings too, including California’s first theatre, the oldest government building in the state and a historic whaling station. A walking tour led by a knowledgeable expert would have been a great way to learn about the buildings and dig deeper into the Monterey’s past.

Also, a few locals recommended my family dine at Mission Ranch when we first moved to the area. Apparently, the food is good and so is the view. Plus, we were told there’s a chance we could catch a glimpse of Clint Eastwood. The actor, who was once the mayor of Carmel, “preserved and restored” the property, according to the restaurant’s website.

Clearly, we have a few items left on our Monterey bucket list. But, I don’t see them as a negative thing per say. Rather, I see them as an excuse to come back to the beautiful city that has served as our home for the past year and a half. The bucket-list items are also a reminder that my family should continue to seize opportunities to explore each duty station, especially the next one.

By Kristina Doss.

Kristina Doss is a a military wife, mother and journalist. She chronicles hermilitary family's journey moving, living and traveling around the world. Read her blog at http://www.mytravelingtroop.com/


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Posted by Natasha at 11:00PM on July 13 2012

Hi there, we are PCSing there early next year and can’t really find any info on where to live. What do you recommend. My hubby is an O-3. Do you recommend military housing?

Posted by Caren with a "C" at 01:14PM on June 30 2012

We love to go to Dennis the Menis Park in Monterey and climb on the train. Such a lovely area. Where are you headed to next?