June 21, 2012


I wanted to share a great way for your family to spend time together this summer with little to no cost.  Being a military family money can be tight but we always seem to make do with what we have.  In 2010 when my husband deployed on deployment number 4 I took a leap and went back to school.  Knowing that it was going to be difficult juggling a family, work, and school I did it anyway.  About 6 months into school it became clear that it was much harder than I anticipated.  I talked it over with my husband and because he is so supportive and pushes me to better myself we agreed that I would quit my job.  Quitting my job meant things would be tight so a family vacation was definitely out of the question when he came home on his two week leave, or so I thought.  Blue Star Museums became a saving grace for my family last year and it will again this year as I am still in school.  My family found a way to spend time together, have an 

educational summer, and spend little to no money doing it.  My family couldn’t afford a beach vacation in big fancy hotels but we could afford day trips to Blue Star Museums and we never even had to leave our home state. 

My family would pick a Blue Star Museum and plan a day trip to the museum and a local park for a picnic lunch. These one day trip were cheap since most of the time  the only cost involved was gas and it gave my family some much needed family time, and a family vacation.  Thebest part was I got to go on more than one vacation last year as we did this multiple times throughout the summer.   Thank You Blue Star Museums!!!!

By Kathy Kling


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Posted by Sarah at 11:17PM on June 25 2012

That’s so cool! thanks for writing this awesome piece!!!