Seven Weeks and Counting ...

August 11, 2013

Seven Weeks and Counting ...

We are almost at the 7 week point! It still feels like we just started, on the other hand thinking about the end of July sounded so nice the day he left. We will be at the two month mark soon and fully “into” the deployment.

Going to Indiana really helped. For those four days I was enjoying life and having a good time. Then we came home. It is not quite as bad as it was when he first left. But there is still a lot of sadness that won’t go away. There is still bitterness that he had to go again and at the last minute after being told twice he didn’t have to go. There is still anger than I am left alone to do the solo parenting thing again.

However, I am able to look into the near future and this is what I see. My friend is coming from Austria, my brother and wife are coming, school will start and then my Mom and Dad will be visiting. This will bring us to the middle of October. I am hoping by then I will be a lot more used to this separation.  I hate that my husband has to miss the fall but I keep telling myself it will be better than this summer has been.

I am not sure I will ever get to the thriving part of this deployment. It is possible I will look back on this time as a growing experience but I don’t think that is an emotion I will feel during the deployment. This girl is in survival mode taking it one day or even one hour at a time.

Sequestration has been talked about a lot within the Military community. If you don’t know what it is you can check out this article, “Hagel talks sequestration with Joint Base Charleston civilians.”  You can also read an article by Amy Busatz that talks about where some of the cuts will be.

Now for us personally? We do not live on post and I usually only go to the Commissary here about once a month so it being closed on Mondays doesn’t really hurt me. I know that it is bothering a lot of people who live on post. The on-post schools are also losing days. Again, we are off-post but I do have some friends who are being affected by this. I am not sure at this point how much it will hurt my husband in Afghanistan. I am not sure what all of it really means for all of us Military spouses. It is a scary word and one we wish would just go away.

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