Help us ... Help YOU!

July 18, 2012

Help us ... Help YOU!

Homecomings are the BEST part of deployments! That first kiss keeps us going through the months of loneliness and isolation. And then ... our Marine or Sailor is home and their laundry is everywhere, the house is a mess and our carefully constructed routine is KA-PUT!  I hear ya. In fact, I wrote about this problem Click here to read my quick story.  Of course there are all kinds of resources to deal with the homecoming but there's only one book that details how to power through the before, during AND after parts of deployment.  It's this cool reintegration toolkit.  

Here's the thing. We need to update it with new tools, ideas, and ways to handle the stress of deployments. Can you help us out with this?  We've got a quick survey that you can take.  Then we can put it all together and get it out to all the Blue Star Families because, as we all know, the war ISN'T over!


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