Score One for Military Families!

February 09, 2012

Score One for Military Families!

Attendees of the Portland Trail Blazer game February 8 in Portland had the opportunity to thank military families as the result of a program coordinated by the nonprofit group Blue Star Families, Wells Fargo and the Portland Trail Blazers. BSF is so excited to share in this special recognition of our military families. We are hopeful that many of our military families in the Portland area will have the opportunity to attend this game and share in the celebration.

The three organizations will present Operation Appreciation at the game. Each game goer will have the opportunity to participate in the program by signing cards and writing messages to thank military families for all they have done for our country throughout the past decade.

“Our team members are looking forward to helping the community express its appreciation of our military families for the sacrifices they make daily for our nation," said Regional President Don Pearson. 

Volunteers will hand cards out to each attendee and collect them throughout the game. Special announcements will be made and photos of military families will be displayed throughout the game at the Rose Garden Arena.

“Blue Star Families is delighted to have the support of the Portland Trail Blazers and Wells Fargo.” said Meghan Wieten-Scott, Operation Appreciation Program Manager.“Operation Appreciation is a great way to show support and gratitude for the sacrifices our military families have endured over the past 10 years of war.”

Operation Appreciation allows members of the community to support our military families by sending them cards expressing heartfelt thanks, solidarity, or good old-fashioned encouragement. The writer can choose to write a card to a parent of a military member, the spouse and family of a military member, the child of a military member, or a veteran of the armed services. Click here to learn more. To print the Operation Appreciation Information Packet click here.





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