Calling all Army spouses with deployed spouses!

June 21, 2012

Calling all Army spouses with deployed spouses!

The collaboration that we have begun with researchers from the University of Connecticut and Yale University who are heading up a project entitled Project CAPS – Child Adjustment to Parental Separation.   Much like Blue Star Families, Dr. Wargo Aikins and Dr. Aikins are devoted to understanding the impact of deployment on military families and the role that we might all play in helping these families to function optimally.  While many families demonstrate resilience even in the face of the lengthy and frequent deployments of the last decade, we are gathering evidence that suggests that other families are struggling with these experiences. 

Understanding more about what factors contribute to deployment adjustment will be important as we help our military communities recover and prosper in the years ahead.  As such, together with Project CAPS we invite you (or your constituents) to participate in an anonymous one hour survey.  This survey entails Service Members’ spouses completing questionnaires regarding their own well being, the well being of their child, and their experiences with deployment.  In order to participate, spouses must have a Service Member currently deployed in the Army and a child between the ages of  3 and 7.  We believe this project can help our military families greatly and we encourage you to participate.  If your interested in participating or would like to hear more about the project please contact the project staff at

ATTENTION ARMY SPOUSES.  Tell us about your and your child’s experiences during deployment.  We are working in collaboration with a team of researchers to understand the impact of deployment on military spouses and their families.  If your Army Spouse is currently deployed and you have a child between the ages of 3 and 7, you are eligible to participate in this anonymous on-line survey.  You’ll be compensated $50 for your time.  Help us to gather more information that will help to initiate change that will benefit all military families.  If interested, please email


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