Best Places for Vets to Live

November 12, 2012

Best Places for Vets to Live

As of 2011, there were approximately 2.4 million post-9/11 veterans – half of which are between the ages 25-34. These younger veterans face challenges, such as an unemployment rate higher than civilians. To help these veterans as they plan their transition, USAA and created the “Best Places for Veterans” list. The following metros areas made this year’s overall top 10:


 1. Pittsburgh

 2. Phoenix

 3. Dallas

 4. Cleveland

 5. Atlanta

 6. Warren, Mich.

 7. Ann Arbor, Mich.

 8. Cincinnati

 9. Columbus, Ohio

 10. St. Louis


USAA and also commissioned a list of the top metro areas in each state to provide service members with more choices. Veterans and soon-to-be veterans also have the opportunity to create a personalized list with the new Best Places for Veterans calculator by identifying which criteria is most important in their military-to-civilian transition. To see the entire list of Best Places and access the Best Places for Veterans calculator, visit


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