Did you know that Blue Star Families’ staff and volunteer Chapter Directors are made up of mostly women? In fact, most of us are moms, and it seems like we’re always reaching out to each other to offer advice or ask questions. While some of us have been on this motherhood journey for a while, others are just beginning.  On this Mother’s Day, we thought we’d poll our staff and volunteers for some of their best “motherly advice.”

To all the moms out there- we hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day. We hope you feel pampered and appreciated and loved. Share your advice with us. It’s nice for all of us to hear some encouraging words, funny stories, and words of wisdom.

And now for the advice:

~My best advice – don’t worry about what anybody else is doing, saying, or thinking. Just focus on what’s best for your own kid and your own family.

~Know that everything- the good and the bad- is only a phase. So enjoy the good and be comforted in knowing the bad won’t last forever!

~Always, always, always, one of the children will be the comic relief….unless you only have one, then that child is the all inclusive!

~Don’t forget about the silver lining — when things may seem completely catastrophic (which tends to happen with you have a child), hold on to that one smile or that “I love you mommy” because it’ll remind you of how absolutely wonderful it is to be a mother when it’s sometimes so hard to appreciate it and/or feel appreciated.

~The love for a child is an amazing feeling and one that I feel truly blessed to have! As much as my 4 year old tests my patience and my 8 month old doesn’t sleep, they still bring a smile to my face every day! They bring so much joy to life. Always remember that!


~There will always be dirty dishes and way too much laundry. But there won’t always be little feet running around making the dirty dishes and laundry. Enjoy.

From all of our staff and volunteers- Happy Mother’s Day!