5 Ways to Rock Your New School

Published: August 24, 2016

By: Military Kid Lindsey

Any military brats knows the feeling of moving. Stress, fear, and anxiety all packed into one nerve-racking event. And piled on top of all the stress of actually moving, is a new school. You are the new kid and nobody knows who you are. You have never seen the school and it all looks so different. Your mind is rambling with questions and concerns. You want to make friends and be at ease. But how do you do it?

  1.  First, know the school. Take a tour of the school before the year starts. If you are moving during the year, take a tour on the weekend. A tour will give you the chance to get used to the school. And while you are on the tour, ask questions. It is best to ask when you have the chance, rather than having questions racing through your head on the first day of school. Print off a map from the website too. Most maps will have teacher’s names and where their class is located. You’ll be able to find your classes much easier with one. And by the time the school year starts, you will know exactly where all your classes are, and you will be ready for anything.FullSizeRender-2
  2. Check the school website. It is always good to check and see if you need to complete anything before the year starts. If you already have your schedule or know the classes you are taking, you can check their website for summer work. As a new student, it is important to make a good impression on your teachers. Finishing your summer work, and being prepared for the first day makes all the difference. Teachers will see how you are focused on your work and responsible. They will respect you and give you the chance to succeed. Teachers recognize a hard worker when they see one. School websites are also great for checking dates of important events. Say you are interested in auditioning for a play, or trying out for a sport, or even want to know what day the cafeteria is serving macaroni. A date for that sort of stuff is posted online.
  3. Join an after school activity. It could be a sport, a club, or anything your school has to offer that interests you. I myself have just made my school soccer team, and I have made friends very quickly. Joining a club or sport is the best way to make friends. The people you meet from these activities have the same interests as you, which make bonding much easier. All of my closest friends in my past have all been on my soccer team. Participating in these activities gives you a chance to show what you can do.
  4. This may go for girl mainly, but it can also work for guys. Have a good fashion sense. Some people actually will notice you from your fashion. The first day is always very important. You don’t want to make a bad impression. Dressing like a complete slob is not the best idea, but then you do not want to go overboard with too many flashy colors and items that don’t match. My advice is to dress nice, but not too nice. Wear something that is comfortable and something that you like.
  5. And lastly, be bold. Never hold yourself back. Try not to be shy and put yourself out there. If you just hide and never speak to anyone, friends will be harder and harder to find. People really do appreciate a friendly person. You don’t have to immediately become everyone’s best friend, but it is nice and helpful to say just say hi, ask what the person’s name is, and start conversations. For example, everyone is always the most scared about lunch. You know absolutely nobody and you are nervous to sit at the wrong table. The solution is to talk to the people who sit near you in the class period right before lunch. So that way, when lunch comes around, you will have someone to sit with. Being bold will give you a chance to show who you are and express yourself. If you love to sing, tryout for a play. If you are a beast at soccer, play for the school team. If drawing is your passion, pick up a pencil and draw something for the art show. There are so many ways to be bold. You just have to choose how you are going to do it.

Moving to a new school really is rough. But knowing how to handle it makes it all so much easier. I myself have used these five tips when I started a new school and they have worked every time. Even when you are terrified of what may happen, you just have to believe that everything will turn out fine.


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