1. Eat well, and save money with a free Thrive Market Membership
    It’s the season of pumpkin spice everything, Halloween candy, and tailgating. Enjoy this magical time of year, but try swapping out some of your favorites with organic versions (think chips made with black beans instead of fried potato chips for the Army Navy game). We love Thrive Market for this. You can shop healthy options at wholesale price, and your goodies are delivered straight to your door. Blue Star Families’ staff is buying up everything from granola, to baking supplies, to vitamins on Thrive. Because Thrive Market wants our military families to be healthy and strong, they’ve offered Blue Star Families free memberships. Get yours here.Multi-generation family having a delicious dinner
  2. Spend some time out in nature
    Did you know military families can get National Park passes for free? There’s no better time to explore these national treasures than the fall! Pack a picnic, bundle up, and take the family exploring. Being out in nature has innumerous health benefits, including lowering your stress levels. This is crucial, as we get closer to the holidays, a notoriously stressful time of year for all of us. There are over 400 National Parks in the U.S. so chances are there’s one not too far away from wherever you might be stationed.Image of beautiful scene of sunset and backs of couple of hikers enjoying it
  3. Volunteer!
    Our annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey tells us that military families love to volunteer, in 2015 65% of our respondents had volunteered within the past year. Volunteering is an amazing way to get to know your community and build your resume. But did you know volunteering is also linked to good health? According to a report by CNCS those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than who don’t volunteer. Volunteering is a win-win! Improve your community, and reap the health benefits while you’re doing it.

*You may or may not get bonus points for volunteering with Blue Star Families. 😉