Portrait of a funny little girl meditating at home

Who wouldn’t want to be more relaxed, mindful, focused, smarter, patient and kinder?!

Enter what I’m now referring to as the miracle app: Headspace. The geniuses over at Headspace created an incredibly accessible, quick, and easy to use meditation tool. You start with Take 10, ten days of 10 minutes. Nothing about this feels hard. Andy, the creator with the most soothing British accent, guides you and you’re not emptying your mind of thoughts (impossible, right?), you’re simply being present. Those 10 minutes fly by, and you find yourself feeling the effects immediately.

This is a must have tool for us military families. Service members can take a break from the 15+ hour workdays with 10 minutes for themselves. The hard working military spouses and caregivers could use 10 minutes devoted solely to them. Our military kids can even find some balance and have fun with the app too!

Here’s the best part, those geniuses at Headspace are incredibly generous. Through their Give One Get One program, they’ve donated FREE memberships to Blue Star Families’ members. An annual membership to Headspace costs $100+ you can get yours free here: bluestarfam.us/headspace

Once you’re feeling mindful, grounded, and all of those other amazing things, tell us about your experience with Headspace here: https://bluestarfam.org/stories/