Author: Ashley Molina


What does it mean to say you’re a caregiver? Well, that is different for everyone! Some people are caring for an individual that is 100 percent dependent on them. Some people are providing care on an as-needed basis. Some are providing care by subtle reminders such as, “did you take your medication?” or “remember you have an appointment with the VA tomorrow.” Regardless of the level of care that you provide, the mere fact that you are providing any amount care signifies you as a caregiver.

Finding adequate and legitimate caregiving support can be tricky.  There are so many places that support caregivers and their families, yet it can be hard to figure it out who, when, where and how. It is so important for caregivers to know where to go, and who can help them with difficulties, needs, or even just provide advice.


One way to find resources is to start joining caregiver groups and attend caregiver meetings. But I know what you are thinking…

Will anyone be able to relate to my situation?

I am afraid to join a group because I do not want to look like I need help.

How will I fit into a group of caregivers if I attend alone?

Will they accept me?

The answer is YES!

Caregivers understand caregivers. They understand the daily rigors of the caregiving journey.  They understand the rollercoaster of events that happen in this lifestyle. Caregivers know what it means to feel isolated, and they want nothing more than to be accepted and understood.

Branching out of your comfort zone is scary. Looking to others for support and resources feels defeating, but if we don’t start helping ourselves and each other, who will help the warrior?  Caregivers need to know they are not alone and there are others out there just like them.  Sometimes just knowing you’re not alone is all you need. As a caregiver, we have all learned to be resourceful, now we can be each other’s resource! It is about finding solutions and not about complaining or doubting. Be a resource and help each other solve issues we have faced. Share your experiences. Share your successes and challenges.


Let’s get together and build a community of caregivers filled with positivity, empowerment and resources