As a military spouse, I have changed careers or “hats” with almost every move we’ve made. My degree is in education, and I had thought that a career in that field would ease the transition process. As my fellow spouses in the fields of nursing and education will probably tell you…not exactly.

Two years ago, after a recent PCS and just plain disappointed in the fact that I was facing another State’s certification requirements, I made my last career change. I was given an opportunity to receive OJT as a Salesforce Administrator. Later, Blue Star Families launched its SpouseForce program, providing that training to other military spouses. Maria, a Blue Star Families member and participant from our first cohort, shares how SpouseForce has made a difference for her family.

“Since becoming a military spouse, I felt that my career goals were put in the back burner. Looking for career advice focused mainly on helping and understanding the struggles military spouses go through, I came upon Blue Star Families. I started following their advice and tools by networking and pursued a change in my career with Spouseforce. Since taking the Spouseforce training, I have seen a positive change in my professional life. I was given the amazing opportunity to practice and learn even more about my new acquired skills during an internship at 2-1-1 San Diego. I learned from an expert in Salesforce and about different systems to reduce duplicate accounts in Salesforce.

I was contacted by a non-profit organization in Rancho Santa Fe which saw on my LinkedIn profile that I had Salesforce Administrator training right after my internship. I went to the interview and was hired on the spot! Today, I’m happy to report that I’m the Database/Salesforce Specialist for this non-profit organization; I have learned to use Salesforce Apps such as Apsona and Classy, and during working hours, I’m allowed to study for the certification exam!” Maria Zambrana



You can learn more about the SpouseForce program and our other career resources here!