Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I’m not even American*. The thought of a holiday devoted to giving thanks for all we have – unaffected by the gift-buying stress of other holidays, just food, gratitude and family – makes me say, “Aaahhhh.” Add the fact that we just have to eat all day Thursday and enjoy the next three days off means I am feeling #blessed. What am I most thankful for? Thanksgiving!

Sadly, it seems that over the years, those three days following a day of “getting stuffed” have morphed almost entirely into “stuff getting.” With Black Friday and Cyber Monday following hot on the heels of Turkey Day, it’s only a matter of hours before we do a quick about-face and focus on the “gimme gimme.”

Enter….#GivingTuesday! The splurge and binge of this holiday weekend has finally yielded to a dedicated day of giving. Can I hear it for #GivingTuesday?! I love this idea as much as I love Thanksgiving. Even if I am tempted by those mega deals and the need to start my holiday shopping, I can conclude the holiday weekend by giving back (which we know makes us happy). Giving thanks and then giving back, with maybe a little bit of getting stuff in between, makes for a truly fulfilling weekend!

Last year, #GivingTuesday made an impact by raising more than $116 million in 71 countries. This year, Blue Star Families wants to make our own impact on Wounded Warriors and their families, by raising $25,000 to host a Holiday Party in Washington, D.C. This event gives back to the service members and their families who have sacrificed so much, and who find the holiday season especially challenging.

Join the #unselfie movement! Channel your inner Oprah! Give back to our heroes! Click here to donate to Blue Star Families, and support our 2016 Wounded Warrior Holiday Party. I know I will!

* Born in Australia and married to a US Marine for 19 years.

Author: Penny Bolden