b52hikeLike most military families, every year, for almost 20 years (wow, that’s a lot when you type it out!), we’ve handled the holidays largely dependent on where in the world we’re stationed and those dreaded yearlong deployments. It’s usually a mixture of traveling, staying home and hosting, or staying home just as a family. This year, we’ll be spending Thanksgiving with my husband home and just the four of us in Texas. Five, if you count our dog, Mojo, who will no doubt eat an additional person’s servings.

With the thought of all the work that goes into prepping a holiday meal and thinking about the left overs that wouldn’t get eaten, I threw out the idea of eating out this Thanksgiving. I dressed it up with excitement, saying, “Ooh, I know, let’s not cook…let’s go eat Hibachi!” That idea was unanimously squashed by my littles. Their argument? There are certain special dishes we only eat during the holidays. Admittedly, I swelled with a little pride; I mean who would turn down what was basically a complement of my cooking? Not this Mom!

So, today, we’ll prep and cook together in our newly adopted home of Texas. Because home is where the Army sends you, right? We’ll eat, give thanks and celebrate together. We’ll probably watch some football, take a nap and eat again… together. It will just be the four of us and you know what? That’s okay. It will be worth the work, the cleanup and a little bit of uneaten left-overs because we’re lucky enough to be together this Thanksgiving, and that my friends is something to be thankful for!


P.S. Click here for my go-to mac-n-cheese recipe 🙂