aleahby: Aleah Wood

I have been a military spouse for four years, and before that knew next to nothing when it came to living a military lifestyle. When I first married my husband, I knew we would have years before I had to worry about a deployment. Supporting him through flight school, 3 PCS’s, and late nights helping him with his work, or memorizing checklists became an unpredictable routine. The only routine aspect being the unpredictability. Now, here we are in sunny California with our beautiful one-year-old and getting ready for him to leave on his first deployment.

This is such a bittersweet experience for me. With the holidays and our fourth anniversary right around the corner, his impending absence feels great already. I don’t have the experience of making it through a deployment under my belt. I am sailing into uncharted waters with stories from others’ experience, support from mil spouses, enough to keep me busy during the days, and a few planned trips to look forward to. We are so lucky he will be stationed at a place where we can communicate frequently.

Despite knowing that everything will be okay, I still can’t help but feel so deeply about this deployment that part of me wishes it were still four years away. I will miss him but what makes my heart ache the most is that he will miss those special moments of our daughter growing up. This is one small sacrifice, he, and many others, have to make to serve and protect our country. I am proud of him for all that he does for our little family, and for all Americans.

Whether you’re a seasoned deployment pro, or a first timer be sure to check out Blue Star Families’s free deployment handbook, Everyone Serves.