Author: Dalena McGrew


As Veterans Day approaches, and I think about what I’ll do on my day off, I’m also reminded of something special; my husband will be home for the first Veteran’s Day in two years. For the last few years, my husband has been either on deployment or overseas unaccompanied tour. So many holidays have passed while he’s been gone, and I lose track of what he’s missed. But, for the first time in 2 plus years, we’re together as a family.
Matt left for Afghanistan in July of 2014. Our daughter was born in September of 2014. Until August of this year, he had spent a total of maybe 6 months with her. He’s missed a lot. I missed a lot of sleep. But now that he’s back, and we’ve PCS’d to Kansas, life is as it should be; chaotic. No one knows their role, no one feels like they fit in, that Honeymoon phase of returning from a deployment that they always promise you seem to always skip us, and we’ve left family behind yet again. Sigh. But I was being appreciative, and staying on track. Yes, we’re so appreciative that we only need to pray for our friends and family serving overseas this year, – not our soldier, that we are all in a place together for a few years, fingers crossed, and that we will see snow soon! Yes, we’re die hard Northerners.

But, for us, Veterans day, Thanksgiving, and soon (oh so soon) Christmas have a different meaning this year; they mean that we are at least all together and can count on that for the near future, and that’s more than we’ve had in years. We will finally have holiday pictures of all of us, together, not on a parade field welcoming Daddy home. We will visit family before they ship off to the Gulf, and we will watch our toddler open Christmas presents. When you’re a military family, that’s about the best you can ever ask for. God Bless all the service men and women serving this holiday season, and may you each get your own “not deployed” moment soon.