Author: Amanda Yeram

Veterans Day has always been a special time in my family. Growing up with a father who served in the Marine Corps allowed me to see first hand the significance of thanking a Veteran for his or her service. I remember standing at storefronts with forget-me- not flowers and tootsie rolls, asking for donations for the local DAV, and walking the halls of the VA, with a wagon full of magazines, books, and candy to hand out to the veterans who were injured.

These memories are what drove me to enlist in the Marine Corps when I was 17 years old. I understood the importance of serving, and wanted to make my dad proud.  Now when I thank a veteran for their service, I am also thanking a brother or sister. We are a small percent of the population, and truly are family. On a daily basis we work together to support each other and our nation.


In addition to being a veteran, I am also a military spouse. I have been married to my active duty husband for 14-years. This particular Veterans Day, I will be saying goodbye to my Marine as he deploys for 7 months.  This is not something that our family takes lightly, especially with two young children to take care of. But we know his mission is important and we are here to support him. So, this Veteran’s Day, I will kiss my husband one last time, and send him off. And of course, I will thank him for his service.

Happy Veterans Day, to all who have served.