The BSF Careers Program suite supports military spouses through their career journey and provides opportunities to develop networks and access resources to further their career goals. Ashley, an active duty military spouse, shares her story on how the BSFCareers Program is impacting her.

Ashley and her family have moved five times in the last eight years. Many military families can relate. Relocation due to her husband’s career in the military has made it very challenging to find consistent, meaningful employment. Additionally, when she found meaningful employment, it has been challenging to move up into higher management positions as a military spouse. In September 2016, Ashley registered for the BSF SpouseForce Program, a training and peer support program to prepare military spouses for the Salesforce™ accreditation exam and position military spouses to enter the technology field in well-compensated, highly portable careers. “I hope that the SpouseForce training will set me apart from my peers and give me an additional skill set to increase future opportunities in a career that can move, as my family moves with the military lifestyle.”

These career opportunities for military spouses would not be made available without Blue Star Families generous BSF Career Partners to include; The Schultz Family Foundation, The Walmart Foundation, JPMorgan Chase, The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Got Your 6, Best Buy and AT&T.

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