Make the Most of Your Holiday Season PCS

December 7, 2016

by: Amy Shick at Millie

The holidays are stressful.  Now add a PCS to the season and it could be miserable, but it doesn’t have to be. This could actually be your best PCS and most memorable holiday season ever.

The holidays are about giving and celebrating with loved ones.  It’s easy to get caught up in the material aspects of the holidays with gifts, events, and decorating.  A holiday season PCS has a great way of bringing the holiday focus back to what is most important: your faith, family, and friends. When the last boxes are loaded and you have checked out of housing, you are free from normal life commitments.  Now you can focus on what is truly important.  Now that you are out of your comfort zone and in the middle of a PCS consider some of these ideas to make this holiday season the best ever.

  1. Traditions are fun and bring the comfort of the holidays.  This PCS gives you an opportunity to get creative with your traditions and take them on the road.  It will be fun to have the elf along on the PCS journey or give your advent calendar a twist and tie in travel and geography lessons with each day.
  2. Take a guilt-free holiday card hiatus.  Holiday cards are fun, but they are also time consuming.  This year forego the holiday cards and send Happy New Year cards once you have arrived at your new location.  Include photos of your PCS journey and your new home address.  Encourage your friends and family to send holiday cards to you.  It will be like a second holiday season when they are forwarded to your new address in February (and probably stay up on your frig longer).
  3. Take this opportunity to visit family and friends.  Often times, the cost of traveling over the holiday season prevents us from being with the family and friends we love the most.  Squeeze in a visit with loved ones on your PCS journey.  It’s a wonderful feeling to go home and be surrounded by family and old friends. And the bonus is that you do not have to put the decorations away once the holidays are over.  Winning!
  4. Visit a cool destination.  If you can’t fit a family visit in your PCS journey for the holidays, consider visiting an awesome festive destination.  New York City is an incredible place to visit during the holidays, and so are most major cities.  There are many fun holiday events and beautiful decorations.  
  5. Let it go.  Let go of expectations of a normal holiday season and embrace doing something totally different.  Let the spontaneity of the PCS surprise you along the way.  You might discover a new holiday tradition that stays with your family for years to come.  

Years later when Facebook reminds you of your memories from this PCS, this holiday season will be memorable.  It will be different, and you will think back to these moments and remember they were the best.  It didn’t matter if holiday cards were sent, or if you had Prime Rib for dinner.  What matters most is that your family was together and on your way to your next military life adventure.

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