Authored by Amanda Moore and Penny Bolden

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to surprise one deserving military family with a brand new Sleep Number bed.

Mission accepted!

At 0800 this morning, fueled by Venti lattes, we left Washington, D.C. for our target destination: Chief Warrant Officer Sean Ebersole’s home in Virginia Beach. Three hours later, we rendezvoused with the Sleep Number Home Delivery team at our designated meeting point two blocks from the family’s home and out of sight. The plan? To surprise Sean’s wife, Melissa, and their three young children as they returned from the school bus stop, and to intercept them with a surprise delivery.

After staking out the home, ensuring the coast was clear, and reassuring the curious neighbors we were only up to good, we swiftly moved the team, and the Sleep Number truck, into place.

As our target approached her home, she realized something was up (well, kinda obvious when there are a dozen strangers on your front lawn, smiling and shouting “Congratulations!” at you…). There were tears of joy and hugs all around when Sleep Number district director Shauna Morris announced that the truck contained not only one i8 FlexTop, FlexFit bed for Sean and Melissa, but SleepIQ Kids beds for their children, and sheets and bedding for all!

It has been more than two months since the Ebersole family lost everything in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.  The Virginia Beach area was devastated by floods, and then looters, in early October and the family has since been sleeping in trailers, hotels, and most recently on air mattresses, while their home is slowly being rebuilt.  To sweeten the surprise, husband/dad Sean will return from an exercise at sea later today, for his best night’s rest since the hurricane wiped out his family’s home.

Thank you to our great partner, Sleep Number, without whom we couldn’t have accomplished this mission. When they found out our Sweepstakes winners were starting over from scratch with no furniture, toys or bedding, they came to the rescue, going above and beyond for one deserving military family.

Every day is rewarding at Blue Star Families because our job is to support our military community, but some days we get to do something extra special. Today was one of those extraordinary days.

Happy Holidays to all of our deserving military families and congratulations to the Ebersole family on being our 2016 BSF Sleep Number Sweepstakes winners!

Watch the Ebersole family receiving their new beds: