It happens to all of us. Deployments come fast and furious, orders sneak up on us, we get stuck in a rut, and then we’re left feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. If you’re looking to shake things up, improve your game, and do something for you, look no further! Blue Star Families’ has some exclusive resources that will have you feeling awesome in no time.

1. Step Up Your Foodie Game

With the free Thrive Market membership, valued at nearly $60, you can score low prices on some of the options you wouldn’t necessarily find at the commissary or your local grocery store. Try something new, like cooking with coconut aminos or making jackfruit carnitas. If you’re feeling really adventurous, grab some unconventional jerky for your next road trip. We’re really digging Epic’s Salmon jerky with maple and dill bites (don’t knock it till you try it). Sign up for your free Thrive Market membership here

2. Step Up Your Savings Game

Blue Star Deals is the newest member benefit here at Blue Star Families and we are so excited about it. Apart from the massive savings on theme parks and movie tickets, try exploring the grocery coupon section. Remember the days of clipping actual coupons out of the paper? This is just like that, only better. These are mostly manufacturer coupons, so they can be used virtually anywhere (including the commissary). We never thought we’d get so excited over saving $2 on laundry pods. But hey, that’s a pretty big savings!

3. Step Up Your Mindfulness Game

Headspace is a game changer when it comes to meditation. A Headspace subscription is free for Blue Star Families’ members and valued at $155 (look, more savings!). Once you download the app, you’ll spend the first 10 days getting a feel for the program with Take 10. It’s only 10 minutes a day, and trust us, you are going to enjoy those 10 minutes. After the Take 10 program, you’ll unlock some amazing programs. Everything from kindness to exercise programs to one of our favorites: Headspace on Sleep. It won’t take long until you’re thinking more clearly, decompressing more easily, and falling asleep quicker with Headspace! Get started with your free Headspace subscription here