I have to confess, I love a good deal. The word “sale” sends chills down my spine and I just don’t feel I should ever pay full price for anything, when I know I could find a better price somewhere. I may actually have a problem (maybe there’s a name for this?) because I love things way more when I know I got a good deal.

My husband could care less. He decides he needs/wants an item, he jumps online and he buys it. Done. No thrill of the chase, no research, no fun. Both my mother and my husband have at times implored me not to respond to a compliment about an item I own with “thanks – I only paid $5 for this!” or “thanks – it was 50% off!”.

I once turned up to a Marine Corps Birthday Ball wearing a gown I was so excited about – not because it was particularly striking, but because it was on a clearance rack at Macy’s and I only paid $35 for a $350 gown! Yes, my deal-loving friends! It was 90% off – NINETY!

I was deliriously happy. On the way to the ball, my husband, all asplenda in his dress uniform and shiny medals, warned me not to tell anyone how much I “hadn’t” paid for my dress….but I couldn’t help it. The first compliment, and it just slipped out…”Thanks. Can you believe I only paid $35 for it?” To which my fellow spouse quickly responded “Really? I bought mine in Thailand for $20!” and another “I got mine on eBay for ten!” OK, so they may have been better bargain hunters than I, but instead of deflating me, I regaled in having found “my people”. We laughed, we applauded ourselves and we proceeded to enjoy a wonderful evening together, in our gorgeous-but-economical-gowns.

If you are “one of my people” you need to take a look at Blue Star Families’ latest member benefit – Blue Star Deals. I just took a peek and noted the deal for the Spy Museum in DC is 25% off – where was Blue Star Deals when I took my family last year, and I used the museum’s military discount of 15%??!! I might just have to go again for that price…

Authored by: Penny Bolden, Senior Advisor for Strategic Partnerships, USMC Spouse