Sound familiar? “You’re perfect for this job, BUT we know you’re moving soon, so we chose another candidate.”


You get the education, certifications, and internships to apply for a job in your dream career field, land the job after endless interviews, climb that ladder, and are finally start seeing progress in your career path, and then…BAM! Those PCS orders come. You give two weeks’ notice, say good-bye to co-workers who have become friends, and deal with the dread of being on the career hunt again, with the possibility of starting at the bottom in a new location.

Based on responses to our 2016 Military Family Lifestyle Survey, 51% of military families identify spouse under/unemployment as a top obstacle to financial security. The struggle is real, and you’re not alone.

The Blue Star Families Career Team knows that virtual employment is the way of the future and can help address some of the employment challenges facing military spouses. With the help and support of our generous donors*, BSF created Spouseforce. The program is a 9-week, virtual training experience that prepares military spouses to become Salesforce Administrators.

A little about Salesforce:

  • They are one of the top 20 companies with remote work jobs in 2016 and are ranked by Fortune as one of the world’s most admired companies.
  • Salesforce is a leader in the conversation about women in technology, earning the Business Role Model of the Year 2016 award from The Women in IT Awards, technology’s largest diversity event.
  • A career as a certified Salesforce administrator is a high-demand, high-growth, and high-paying career. Being a certified SpouseForce administrator can help participants land positions that in many cases could double their family income.

Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? I thought so, and went through the last cohort as a student. It was such a wonderful learning experience. The classes are held in 3-hour blocks, but here’s the best part – THEY ARE RECORDED! If I missed the class, I could click on the link, grab a cup of coffee, and watch it at 5 a.m. before my kids got up. I could pause it, go deal with #somemajorcrisis and come back when I had time and finish it.

The schedule is flexible and worked well with my lifestyle. If you like technology – or maybe want to learn something new and tweak your current career path – go for it!

Did I mention Spouseforce is FREE for military spouses? That’s about a $5,000 training…all FOR FREE. (I like free!)

Take some time to check out some Salesforce related material here:

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* These career opportunities for military spouses are made available by Blue Star Families generous BSF Career Partners, including The Schultz Family Foundation, The Walmart Foundation and JPMorgan Chase.

Authored by: Liz Jones, Blue Star Families’ Career Coordinator