A Chocolate Lover’s Deployment

February 27, 2017

Day 1

Spouse just left for six month deployment. Kids in bed and house quiet, missing him already. Scan pantry for half-empty chocolate box from last Valentine’s Day, leftover Halloween candy from last year, or that one uneaten solid milk chocolate Easter bunny that narrowly escaped the clutches of the 4-year-old. Sweet success, I eat it all.

End of Month 1

Standard commissary trips look like this: three kids fighting over who pushes the cart, whining for, and being denied, their favorite sugar-filled cereal. Mom doesn’t deny herself a personal stash of Lindt, or whatever happens to be near the checkout stand…

Month 3

Mother-in-law coming to visit. Clean house and collect discarded chocolate wrappers from under couch cushions, in bedside table and under the kid’s beds (how did they get there??). Mother-in-law leaves. Somehow we both made it through the visit alive…reward myself with chocolate.

Month 4

The realization that we’re officially “over the hump” is met with both excitement and a moment of panic. What about that work out plan? The healthy eating kick? Finally give Whole30 a try without my husband nagging for Rocky Road!

Month 5

 Two months left….why does that feel like an eternity?  Buy Rocky Road and eat it all in one sitting.

Month 6

HOLY CHOCOLATE CAKE. Time to get serious. Need to fit into that “reunion outfit” I just bought. Reactivate gym membership and quit chocolate cold turkey (hmm, I wonder what a chocolate turkey would taste like?).




Sigh…he is finally home…life slowly returning to normal…celebrate with “just a small slice” of that chocolate cake… Knowing me well, he asks, “Have you been working out?”

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