Hello, I’m Cameron and I want to share my awesome trip to a Blue Star Museum.

My family and I went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science with my Nana (who I haven’t seen in 2 years!). The trip was super fun with lots of things to explore.

The first exhibit we saw was Nature’s Amazing Machines. It talked about how animals and machines are similar and how they work. It was very fascinating to see the comparisons of two different things that are also very similar. In the exhibit I got to try to pump blood through a giraffe’s neck to see how hard a giraffe’s heart has to pump in order to supply blood to its brain. It was definitely tough!

Next, we walked to the Egyptian Mummies. We looked at the comparison of the poor mummy next to the rich Pharaoh mummy; their appearances were shockingly different as the rich mummy had gold pendants and the poor mummy had ripped rags.

The next stop was the dinosaurs and other creatures that lived in that time frame. We saw mighty T-rexes and strange creatures that were also huge. Dinosaurs might be more popular, but I personally loved the different creatures from that time.

The last exhibit we went to was Space Odyssey. I have always loved space. The space exhibit talked about meteors, planets, stars, and rovers. I got to drive a mini spacecraft to its landing position; it was super hard!

I loved spending time with my family at a Blue Star Museum. You can have a great adventure with your family too by visiting a participating Blue Star Museum near you!

by Cameron H., aged 11 and entering 6th grade. Cameron’s dad is an active duty Air Force service member.