How many of you remember the relaxing days of childhood, those late summer evenings out playing with friends or taking time to just relax and think, hoping your parents wouldn’t notice the late hour and call you in? I miss those simpler days.

Like many of you, I’m busy, feeling overwhelmed, and trying to maintain balance as I juggle so many roles and responsibilities. Can you relate?

In my quest to find balance I discovered the wonderful Headspace meditation app offered through Blue Star Families. Meditation isn’t something new; however, the technological world in which we live now moves at a much faster pace – text messages, e-mail, fast paced, instant responses expected. Meditation has been shown to promote subtle improvements in focus, attention, and the ability to ignore distractions.

Headspace focuses on training the mind to be quiet and live mindfully. There are hundreds of sessions on everything from stress to sleep, all delivered by a smooth Australian voice in bite-size ten minute segments. There are SOS segments at our fingertips that provide a little space when you find yourself completely overwhelmed. “The more clearly we identify a thought or feeling, the more we’re able to step back from it.” And, they even have a section for children, since we no longer live in the world of our childhood that allowed time for quiet reflection.

There are themed meditation journeys that lay an incremental foundation for behavioral change. Each session focuses on key elements – breathing, unwinding and restoring.


Meditation isn’t just about relaxing; it’s about re-nourishing and replenishing. It focuses on training the mind to be quiet and giving yourself time away from distractions to restore from within. The investment of time, attention and energy we make into activities that nurture self-care also support productivity, effective problem-solving and healthier relationships. Coping with 21st Century stress requires 21st Century wellness –  old fashion techniques with a modern Headspace twist for a proactive and empowered approach to overall well-being. It’s all about being focused on hitting the pause button. Take a minute to sign up for a one year free subscription through Blue Star Families, and see for yourself how this app can help you live more mindfully!

Written by: Sandralee D. Jensen, Caregivers Program Manager