An Inspiring Career Success Story by Military Spouse Ashley Hayes

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Blue Star Families Military Spouse Career Success Story


“I was new to the military lifestyle. I was not aware of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead when I said “I do” to my Marine.”


When I married my husband in 2008, he had already been in the Marine Corps for a few years and I had established myself in a management position after college in Michigan. I envisioned moving and easily landing another management position. The reality was — it was not that simple.

Our first move was to Jacksonville, North Carolina, where I spent the first year of our marriage struggling to find a career that fit my personal needs as well as the needs of my family. I was told that I was “overqualified”, “they were looking for someone for the long-term”, or I simply did not hear back after applying. I finally accepted a position, with a salary beneath my qualifications, but I knew it would open doors and opportunities for the future.

In 2015, shortly after the birth of my second son, I decided to stay at home and care for my children. I have always admired mothers who stay at home and am grateful to have been raised by one. After 6 months of spending quality time with my children, I realized that there was something missing from my life. Working for so many years had become part of my identity and I wanted to help my family reach our financial goals. I began exploring options to support me as a mother, a wife and a military spouse.

In 2016, during the application and interview process with Blue Star Families, I was presented with an opportunity for a flexible, portable career. Blue Star Families was excited that I lived in the DC area to further build relationships with local staff and partners, but they were understanding to the fact that I was married to an active duty Marine and the potential of a PCS could be in our near future. Within a few months we received the inevitable — orders! Blue Star Families has allowed me to continue to support our efforts in impacting the lives of military families around the world and I am delighted to be a part of such a great team!

Ashley Hayes is the Senior Manager of Strategy & Operations for Community Development & Programs here at Blue Star Families, but her favorite program is the Blue Stars Careers. As the spouse of an active duty Marine, she has found it very challenging to pursue a career and meet her goals. She feels truly blessed to be working for Blue Star Families in a capacity that allows for flexibility. When she is not supporting Military Spouses through their career journey, she is spending time with her two little boys, Carson and Dayton.

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