As a military spouse whose dream has always been to travel, it is bittersweet to be married to my husband who proudly serves in the United States Air Force. We have been married for 10 and a half years and have spent most of that time away from our family. So, when your mom takes a trip to Denver and you haven’t seen her in two years, you make the seven-hour drive from Albuquerque, New Mexico, even if you can only stay for a day and a half!

As many can relate, my mom has always been my best friend. Sure, we have clashed at times; we are strong independent women. But no matter what life throws at us, or where life takes us, she is always my constant. My husband and I had our son when we were seniors in high school. My mom stood proudly in the operating room waiting for her first grandson, and she helped me plan our wedding while my husband-to-be was away at Basic Training and tech school. She’s the mom who didn’t have a child selflessly sign on the line to defend this country but instead watched as her only daughter took the pledge to stand beside her Airman at all costs, even if that meant spending years away from family.

It was amazing catching up with my mom and her wife in Denver. We explored new places and went on incredible adventures. We laughed so much and the memories we made are sure to be cherished forever. I’m positive that we all shed some tears when it was time to say, “See you soon.”


As military families, we sometimes feel forgotten by our family and friends at home. We may feel like the whispers are saying, “They are Military, they are taken care of.” And a lot of times, that’s true. But I challenge you, as a military family, to think about the ones you leave behind – your grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends who you grew up with that, at some point, had to learn to function without you nearby. Think about how much they must miss you, but how tremendously proud they are that you and your family serve this great country.

Freedom is never truly free, and the sacrifices of military families – and our extended families – are proof of that. As military families, we are fortunate to have adventures and opportunities around every corner. The pride and love that we feel for our heroes, our families, and this great country runs deep in our veins! As you defend the Red, White & Blue in this incredible mission that is so much bigger than ourselves, remember that you and your loved ones may be miles apart, but never in heart.

Written By: Savannah Hewett, BSF’s ahhmazing Kirtland AFB Chapter Director