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In 2014, our family moved from Boston to El Paso, TX. This was our fourth move in seven years and I was devastated.  See, we weren’t expecting a move for at least another year. I was a recently graduated, fully licensed Special Education teacher. I’d received an offer to teach full time for the upcoming school year and I couldn’t have been more excited. Unexpectedly moving to another state was the last thing I needed.

Fast forward to January 2015.

I had secured a 1-year provisional license in Texas and gone on at least 15 interviews. All of them ended with, “Thank you, but we’re not accepting teachers with a provisional license,” or worse, no answer at all. I can honestly say, that was one of my lowest points, career-wise. Since my own ETS from the Army, I had been a correctional officer, teacher’s assistant, and postal worker and, for most of that time, a full-time student and Mom. I’ve never been one to sit back and just accept the hand I’ve been dealt. As a family, we’ve taken on every challenge (ahem, PCS) with a fresh and open attitude, so feeling defeated was new for me.

I had been a member a Blue Star Families (BSF) since 2010. As a member, I received email updates and newsletters. Reading an email one day that January, I saw that BSF was hiring for a Technology Fellow. Having no actual tech background myself, other than completing my degree online and enough experience to consider myself a savvy user on a personal level, I applied. After a thorough interview process, I received an offer to come onboard.

Y’all, I was torn. I realized this decision and its timing was my proverbial line in the sand as a new teacher. But, I just couldn’t turn down an opportunity to learn something TRULY portable, and in this case – remote, with an organization that I had been involved with for several years.

Fast forward again. It’s been two and half years of learning, training, and work. I am now a certified Salesforce Administrator and the Senior Technology Manager at Blue Star Families. My role is both remote and portable (yes, there is a difference!). In my case, Salesforce Administrators are in high demand all over the world, making my job very portable. There will times throughout my future career that I work remotely, telecommute, and show up every day in a traditional office setting (fingers crossed that yoga pants are acceptable work wear ☺). The big takeaway is that my skills are now truly transferrable.

Kelley Babbs has been a valued member of Blue Star Families since 2010, and currently serves as our Senior Technology Manager. As both an Army Veteran & Spouse of an active duty Soldier, Kelley is dedicated to making a positive impact for all military families. When she’s not buried in analytics, you can find Kelley hiking the Texas deserts, volunteering at her children’s school or shopping at Thrive Market. Get your free membership here!

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