Because a PCS should never make you FALL OUT OF LOVE with your home!

Fall Porch Decor

Between my military service and my spouse’s, we’ve lived in seven states and two countries. One thing I’ve learned along the way is that building a lasting collection of holiday and seasonal décor is hard…make that almost impossible. Cute tin pumpkins just weren’t built to withstand 2,000-mile trips on the back of a semi. If they did survive the move, you just never know if that little guy is going to have a place in your new home, so it gets piled in with the curtains that don’t fit the new windows.

This fall, I decided to try to decorate my porch using items I owned and a few I crafted. My goal was to create a cute fall porch without spending more than $20.00. After digging through the garage and craft cabinet, my arsenal including:

  • some dollar store flowers
  • an old, neon green pumpkin shaped trick-o-treat bucket
  • two spools of burlap-like ribbon that I had bought on clearance a while back
  • leftover white chalk finish spray paint
  • a small bottle of metallic dark orange paint

I thought about what I wanted to do and decided I needed:

  • a foam wreath (I tried using a pool noodle – that was a huge no-go!)
  • small wood letters
  • more dollar store flowers
  • a nicer floral sprig

At the craft store, I realized I should have made the pool noodle work, those foam wreaths are expensive! After buying the items on list plus a cute mini scarecrow and fall colored bells on a ribbon, I spent just over $23.00, not too bad!

With no real plan in place, here’s how decorated our porch for fall in less than 1 hour

  1. Wrapped the foam wreath with the ribbon (I used a lightweight staple gun to attach)
  2. Painted the wood letters, spelling “fall”, in the orange paint
  3. While that dried, spray painted the trick-or-treat bucket with the leftover chalk paint
  4. Once everything was dry, I used my glue gun to attach the letters, the nicer floral sprig and the bells to the wreath
  5. Last, I filled the pumpkin bucket with rocks to weigh it down and then the dollar store flowers. I added my cute mini scarecrow to the flowers

Take a look at the before and after, pretty cute for just over $20.00, (IMHO J). I may even get lucky and have the wreath survive our upcoming PCS!

Home Fall Decor


Story by: Kelley Babbs, Blue Star Families Staff