Was this just a coincidence?

Three amazing military spouses. Three different states. Three different military branches. One goal: Purchase new books for the families of ill or injured service members this holiday season.


Military spouses Mandie Sallings, Taylor Kelly & Alicia Smith all woke up one morning with the same question: How can I help military kids? What’s so strange about that, you ask? Well for starters, these three women had never met, live in different states, represent three different branches of the military… but all were Independent Consultants for Usborne Books & More and all had the same idea to reach out to Blue Star Families for support.

Sometimes, the (blue) stars just align!

The result of these new partnerships became three book drives, dedicated to providing new books for the families of ill or injured service members this holiday season! That’s right… three book drives! Blue Star Families is thrilled to introduce you to these inspiring military spouses and tell you their stories through this uplifting blog series. Each of these military moms has her own story of why books are important to her family, why she chose to partner with Blue Star Families and information regarding her book drive!

Book Drive 3 of 3: Taylor Kelly

Taylor’s book drive takes place on ONE DAY ONLY: November 11, Veteran’s Day


I’m a proud military spouse of five years, mother to a beautiful 18-month-old little girl, and Independent Consultant with Usborne Books &  More. We are currently living in Virginia at our third duty station.

I was drawn to Blue Star Families for one reason: Their love and commitment to supporting and serving military families. Part of that success is in letting those families know that they are NOT alone. I think back on my time as a young, military wife and how I could have used a friendly Blue Star neighbor in our move across the country. Though I had heard of Blue Star Families in the past, I was unaware of what specifically they provided for military families until I got involved in the Family Readiness Group (FRG) at our command in California. I noticed that Blue Star Families was on my resources list under many different categories. It was then that I was able to see the incredible resources and assistance provided for military families and the communities that surround them by Blue Star Families.

As a former teacher, I have always had a passion for childhood literacy. Having a child of my own has only increased my desire to help children reach their potential regardless of their circumstances. In the first 18 months of her life, my military child has lived in five houses, in three states, taken seven cross-country flights, and undergone a six-month deployment. Providing children, like mine, with the stability that literacy provides is vital to their success in life. After joining Usborne Books & More, I began to actively search for ways to combine my love of literacy with my love for our military and their families. What would be a better way to give back to these families than by giving our incredibly resilient children the gift of literacy?

I am thrilled to be joining forces with Blue Star Families, through a book drive, to not only spread the word about this incredible organization to as many military families as possible but to give the gift of literacy to the children of our amazing military families! I look forward to serving with you.

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