1. What I try to do is make a picture book for something big like this and ship that book to my husband so that he can feel like he was with us the whole night. – Vicky P.

2. I always decorate the house and try to keep things looking as it always would be. I do extra special things for the kids like create little Boo Baskets for them to open that are from Daddy. They are usually filled with dollar items, healthy snacks, and so much candy! (Pro-tip that I learned from my mom: I always put a giant apple, orange or some other large-sized fruit in gift baskets to take up space. This year, I did little pumpkins! -Liz J.

3. Keeping routines and traditions can be important. If you’re big into Halloween, make sure you still do it big even though you may be the one climbing on the roof to hang giant spider webs or lights! -Leah L.

4.  I ask my kids if they want to ship Daddy and his friends some of their Halloween candy since they didn’t get to go trick-or-treating — not because I am looking for a way to get rid of all that candy or anything… -Katherine C.

5.  This is my family’s first Halloween without Daddy. We have kept him involved by chatting about costume choices and immediately sending him photos and videos when the costumes were complete. We’re sending him some of our Halloween candy and using face-time while we trick-or-treat. -Bana M.

6.  When my husband is deployed, my son and I like to make action videos for Daddy to show off Jack’s costume! Jack writes a script and we go to a park or somewhere with space to run, he dresses up and we make an amateur film! It lets Jack get more use out of his costume, feel like he’s making something special for his Daddy and it helps my husband feel included! -Kellie G.

7. I link up with other military mom’s going through a deployment as well. We have so much fun. It gives the kids a chance to bond over how much they miss their Dads and it gives us moms the chance to vent. -Shelly H.

8. During a deployment, I usually don’t change a thing for my son. We visit as many pumpkin patches as we can. We go to haunted houses. We trick-or-treat, and we take lots of pics to show my husband when we can. I keep the season as busy for my son as possible. -Amanda V.

9. We have traditional things every year for Halloween, like homemade pizzas, games, and lots of candy. One year we did a visit to my sisters in New York and trick-or-treated there! -Summer S.

10. I go to as many Trunk or Treats that I can! I also make it a challenge to accomplish as many pins from Pinterest that I can with a surprise treat every day! The kids love FB video calling him in costume and “performing” for him! – Brigittia S.