Remarkable is this journey as far as I see.

Made in America – yes, that is me.

Son of a Patriot – proudly to be.

The devotion, the strength – the fabric worn free.

My life has been quite different, and that I would not trade.

New friends around the world, what a blessing our families’ lives have made.

So many sights and joys over the years I recall.

The colors of glory mold the ideals that make me stand tall.

I have been watching you closely and the full measure you give.

The devotion and the courage to safeguard the freedoms we live.

You carry my picture, to the places your rugged boots go.

And I keep you very close to my heart, I hope you always know.

So many lessons I have learned, so many heroes I have met.

The sacrifice and honor are visions I will never forget.

Whether you are here…or you are far.

Our freedom’s future is where I know you are.

I never need to ask you why…because I already know.

The reason is I am part of something far bigger you see


I am a military child…that is me.


Mitchell G. Adkins is the son of LTC Win Adkins (U.S. Army) and Mrs. Tracy Adkins. He is a 7th grade Honor Student at Glenwood Middle School in Howard County, Maryland. He is a two-time Ben Carson Scholar and member of the National Honor Society. His activities and hobbies include the acoustic guitar, Scouting, lacrosse, soccer, and spending time with his Wheaton Terrier, Sir Bentley. He has led numerous notable community service and volunteer initiatives over the past few years and was recently honored by Howard County as one of three Outstanding Youth Volunteers of the Year. His future goals include medical school to help others in need.