It is the time of year when we give thanks, where thanks are due. And this Thanksgiving, our Blue Star Neighbors deserve heaps of gratitude.

5 Groups of Neighbors We are Grateful for:

1. Our Next Door Neighbors

To the snow plowers, leaf rakers, grass cutters, welcome home balloon deliverers, mailbox decorators, carpool drivers, meal providers, mouse catchers, leak fixers and last minute babysitters who are there in a pinch without being asked. You make the simple everyday tasks, that are often overwhelming when a military family has a deployed service member, less challenging.

2. Creative and Independent Small Business Owners

Three amazing women, independent consultants for Usborne Books & More, held fundraisers this Fall to put new books in the hands BSF caregiver families. Together, they raised over $1,000 in just a few weeks. These combined efforts translated into hundreds of new resources for military children who are living with and loving an injured warrior. To all of our small business owners out there, thank you for supporting military families in your communities.

3. Dedicated Community Partners

You understand that the military-civilian divide exists and you offer solutions. Here are two recent efforts deserving our gratitude:

  • SBG Technology Solutions launched their first charity golf tournament to support military families. Their staff worked tirelessly to recruit partners and sponsors. Thank you for a lovely day of golf that will bring increased resources to military families in your community.
  • Goldman Sachs decided to bring fun to the office and to military families by creating Family Fun Night gift bags. They took our easy to use Neighbor DIY kit, set up an Amazon account and got busy. Games flooded into their office and volunteers spent a few hours enjoying each other’s company and busily packing boxes sure to put smiles on military family faces.

4. Companies that Go Big! Really BIG!

You are a large national company and everyone knows your name. You are equally committed to building a better local community for everyone. This includes providing a warm meal or a good night’s sleep to military families and their neighbors.

  • Whole Foods: What is more important than nourishing our bodies? Whole Foods understands that each time military family moves, the refrigerator must be emptied and the contents are thrown away. There goes the olive oil and the ketchup! Bye bye, mayo and salad dressing. Whole Foods to the rescue with summer PCS grab bags loaded with pantry staples for thousands of BSF members!
  • Sleep Number: How about a good night’s sleep? It’s essential for overall health and happiness. For the 3rd consecutive year, Sleep Number donated $30 for every bed they sold during October and November. This company has raised $350,000 to date in support of BSF programs enriching military families’ lives every day.

5. Parade Throwers!

Ok, so not everyone can actually throw a parade. But if you are in the habit of community party planning, include military families as guests to view or march alongside you. This year, military families marched and received the VIP treatment in New York City at the Veteran’s Day Parade thanks to the efforts of our friends at Comcast/NBC Universal. What a great opportunity that we are sincerely grateful for this holiday season.


Each of these individuals, groups or companies did what they could, where they could. This is by no means an exhaustive list of those we at Blue Star Families are grateful for this year. Many others will be in our thoughts as we gather at family tables across the country and around the world this Thanksgiving Day. Saying Thank You is the least we can do!