#BlueStarStory: Caregiving – No Judgement

December 15, 2017

Meet Savannah, a Blue Star Caregiver and her Blue Star Family.

I wasn’t sure how to handle my new role as a caregiver. I felt like I was thrown into another world.  A world of the unknown, that was scary and filled with anxiety, pressure, and stress. I became overwhelmed and felt like I was drowning. My husband was diagnosed with PTSD and TBI after deploying to Iraq. He is still coming to terms with his diagnoses. While looking for help, I found Blue Star Families and signed up hoping to find support, friendship, and resources. What I got was more than I could have imagined.

I went to my first BSF Caregivers Event and met some amazing women with stories that were similar to mine, which immediately put me at ease for the first time in months. I remember getting into my car and just crying. Meeting people who had gone through a similar experience and made it out on the other side, gave me hope for the future. Caregivers Empowering Caregivers Events have helped me to separate myself from the responsibilities of caregiving for an hour or two and be around others who understand what I am going through. There is a measure of comfort knowing that I am not going to be judged for how I am living or feeling. The events give me a break to catch my breath. The opportunity to bring my children has helped take some weight off my shoulders, too.




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