Meet Mary Beth, a Blue Star Spouse and her Blue Star Family.

We have been all over the U.S. in the past 13 years as an active duty military family. I worked at some duty stations depending on my family’s needs at the time. While stationed in Washington State, I had secured a federal position and was promoted three times through dedication and hard work. When my family received Permanent Change of Station orders to Jacksonville, I was confident that it would be a smooth transition into an employment position. However, I recognized that although I had extensive work experience and a bachelor’s degree, I needed strength through my resume and connections within the community. I reached out to Blue Star Families for support. I attended the Networks Live! Event, where Blue Star Families provided in-depth insight on developing resumes, networking and interviewing skills for military spouses. A week later, I used these tools to attend BSF’s Networks Live! Mixer, where I received an interview for a prospective position that day. On May 30th, I accepted a job offer with the Jacksonville NAS Commissary. My goal is to prove myself in my current position and within a short period of time be promoted to a position that will best fit my family’s schedule, as well as my own career goals. I feel very strongly about the generous career support that Blue Star Families is offering to military spouses in Jacksonville. I have already recommended two of my military spouse friends to seek support from BSF.

Whether you donate time, volunteer, or join Blue Star Families, the support you offer allows us to continue serving families like Mary Beth’s. As 2017 draws to a close, visit to pledge your support of our nation’s military families.