Blue Star Families was honored to receive an invitation to a screening and the premiere of 12 Strong. The movie captures the bravery and challenges of the Special Forces unit in a way that will resonate with military and civilians. As military spouses, it was wonderful to see the movie include the struggles of families as the service member faces deployment.

12 Strong tells the true (declassified) story of the first U.S. soldiers to land in Afghanistan just days after 9/11.  It is, in our opinion, a heartfelt and respectable portrayal of commitment and courage of our Military that is not always shown.  The true feelings of the families and spouses are brought to the forefront, along with the impact it has on our service members is visible on screen.

“How do you love your family and leave them to go to war?”

As a spotlight into recent history and an ongoing conflict, 12 Strong brings to the big screen a great representation of this declassified mission.  With a great cast who has a unique perspective on what our service members sign up to do voluntarily, the story was worth telling and a great tribute to those unsung heroes.  

The audience gains a better understanding of how much our service members sacrifice for our country and how important it was for the Northern Alliance to defeat the Taliban. The acting was superb and it was wonderful to see how cultural differences and language barriers were handled with sensitivity and understanding.

But what was it like behind the scenes of this amazing opportunity?

BSF team members had the opportunity to screen the film in LA prior to the red carpet premiere in NYC, and we even got to meet Chris Hemsworth and Geoff Stults!

Geoff and Chris shared with BSF Regional Director Crystal that they enjoy any opportunity to support our military members and families. Check them out with their new Blue Star Neighbors pin!

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