By: Julia G. | Military Child

This is a very funny book about fruit that are singing rhymes about each other, but poor orange feels left out. He knows nothing rhymes with orange! For example, the cherries say they are “the berries”, the grapes wear capes, and you can take a banana to a cabana. The whole time the fruit are singing rhymes, orange is on the side of the page saying something funny too. But he does also feel sad and left out. In the end, the fruit notice he is sad and tell him there’s “no one quite as smorange as an orange” and they tell him smorange means awesome!

My favorite funny part in the book is on page 18 when it says “if a pear gets lost at night and meets a wolf who takes a bite, then does that pear become a pearwolf when the moon is full and bright?” The illustration shows a pear drawn like a werewolf chasing an apple!

I recommend this book to anyone who likes funny books. I also recommend books in the Rainbow Magic Fairies set and the Disney Star Darlings book set.