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We loved all of your answers to our Facebook post! You all are HILARIOUS!  To read all the whole poem we put together, click here.


Speaking of backs being about to shatter from a PCS…

Watch our video about how our friends at Sleep Number surprised a military family this holiday season.


“I don’t think I could ever get tired of chocolate.” (You on day one of the deployment)

Deployments bring stress. One way to combat stress is to eat healthier (and if you’re like us, tackle one of our annual New Year’s Resolutions). Check out JoMyGosh’s tips to eat healthier during a deployment.

  1. Stock the good stuff: “Because that single-serving portion of frosting really turns into a generous tub of it very, very easily”
  2. Have a plan: “Being hangry is real”
  3. Have backup: “When a salad doesn’t sound appealing, or I’m really, really, really tempted to call out or go to a restaurant.”

Read The Whole Article Here


Budget? What budget? … Oh no!

Holidays are amazing, but often rough on the wallet. Add in a PCS, the changes to Tricare, and the flights to visit family, and you’re between a rock and a hard place. USAA has a few unique ways of thinking about debt elimination- read all about it.


Winter is coming… wait… typo, WINNER is coming!

Stay tuned for the announcement of our Blue Star Neighbor Winner for 2018!


Tricare- it doesn’t get a witty title because it’s Tricare.

You may have been affected by the recent changes in Tricare’s regions. We have a webinar for that! Check it out here.


New Year, New Newsletter

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What’s going on in BSF?

  • Volunteers: We are always looking for volunteers to help get our programs and information out to more military families. We are currently recruiting volunteers in New York City, San Diego, and Jacksonville, FL. Click here to volunteer!
  • Book Club: January’s book club, What Alice Forgot, by Liane Moriarty is being hosted by Erica Glass, our Alaska Chapter Director. Kanchan Gautam, our Ft. Bragg Chapter Director is hosting the February book club, and we will be reading The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World, by Eric Weiner. Happy Reading!